The plastic packaging product portfolio that PLASGEN offers hold excellent properties, resulting from the transformation of raw materials offered by the main petrochemical brands worldwide and adapting to the needs of each customer. The plastics manufactured in monolayer and multilayer offer a wide range of end products suitable for its application in high performance automatic machinery.

The ISO 9001, ISO 14001 y OHSAS 18001 quality certificates sustain and guarantee our environmental procedures and obligations, occupational health and safety requirements and the quality of every product manufactured by PLASGEN.
All of the products that we manufacture respect the following characteristics:
- Excellent elasticity.
- High impact resistance to external aggressions.
- Maximum transparency.

Possibility of different treatments:
- Solar inhibitor, sole barrier, color diversity, micro-perforated, antiblocking, etc...
- Printing (several lines up to a maximum width of 260 cm)

Shrink film for grouping of packaging or other products. High performance material that allows thickness reduction.
Used to protect palletised products. High resistance and clamping force for the pallet load, ensuring its stability and the load protection from the elements.
Used to protect palletised products. High resistance and clamping force, allowing a secure and stable palletising and preventing heat exposure. Cost effective and energy saving.
Used for reinforcing cargo on pallets, protecting it from moisture and dust during transport and storage; as well as for automatic packaging of an extensive range of products, particularly ice, pellets, arids, substrates, etc.
Wide range of solutions for bags, cases and industrial lamination, manufactured with diverse high quality materials, suitable to cover a comprehensive array of market needs.
Used for baling and sorting palletised products and for grouping packages and boxes. Wide range of stretchables with pre-stretch capability up to 300%. High tear resistance, guaranteeing a high yield.


Our products are used in following industries: