In a permanent effort to provide our customers with the best products available, it´s our prerrogative to work with the best raw materials provided by the main petrochemical brands worldwide.
For this, we work in constant contact with our suppliers to develop new high performance and value added products while, at the same time, optimizing the resources of our customers.


As an integral part of our approach, we offer our customers the possibility of technical support service through our engineering team.

- Physical presence during the homologation process.
- Cost optimization study.
- Technical support on products, materials and machinery.


We are a company with a modern structure, the result of extensive experience, constant investment in technology and customer focus. Consequently, we have achieved a high level of specialization, agility and maximum quality in our production process.

We have high quality extrusion and co-extrusion lines, controlled by independent production teams that combine and regulate all of its components.

All our production lines incorporate:
- Automatic gravimetric feeders to ensure the consistency of the materials and to be able to offer products with better properties.
- Regulation, dimensional, thickness and tolerance control production teams.
- Static charge elimination systems
- Corona treatment systems.

We have versatile cutting and welding equipment that allows us to offer a wide range of products, adapting to the needs and demands of our customers and providing with the most suitable products for their applications. Cutting and welding includes: cutting, pre-cutting and/or welding the large reels from extrusion and/or printing.

We have a quality, research and development laboratory equipped with cutting edge analysis and trial devices, which allows us to assess in real time any occurring issues and enhance parameter control for further analysis, registration and traceability.


We offer our customers a complete service, collaborating proactively with the development of new designs and contributing with our experience to the success of each project.
Through our engineering experts, we are able to optimize your flexible packaging artwork to be rendered accurately and optimally during the flexographic printing process, getting superior printing quality compared to more accurate printing systems.

In that regard, we have upgraded our facilities in order to meet the demand of quality printing orders, providing cost-effective solutions either for large runs or short runs.

- Printing up to 6 colors.
- Printing up to 2.600 mm width.
- Printing in any kind of surface.
- Trichrome (CMY) and quadrichromy (CMYK).
- Gradients.
- Duplex printing


By pursuing constant evolution and in order to achieve optimal results, we have implemented quality management systems based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 certification requirements, in addition to incorporating other considerations and suggestions made by our customers, other interested parties and stakeholders in general.

All our processes are subjected to a rigorous quality control, ensuring its correct performance. Also, in our eagerness to ensure the health and safety of our workers, we have obtained the OSHAS 18001 certification which allows us to control the OSH risks and performance improvement to ensure that the internal workplace meets guidelines for health and safety.

On the other hand, in our commitment with environmental regulatory demands, we´ve also implemented the environmental management system UNE- EN - ISO 14001, a commitment that goes beyond its legal obligations, inside an environmental management system that is integrated into our business activity, which encompasses all of its projects, products and services.